HP Plotter Paper Roll, White Bright, Universal fit Canon, Oce 2″ Core

HP Plotter Paper Roll, White Bright, Universal fit Canon, Oce 2″ Core. Today’s Wide-Format Inkjet Printing White Paper – HP®, Epson®, Canon®, Oce®, Ricoh®, KIP®, Kodak®, Wide-Format Printing 2″ Core Rolls . Posts about Canon Plotter Paper written by Store and Paper, Wide-Format Supplies.

Wide Plotter Paper HP Roll or cut sheets for use in Hp Designjet, Canon IPF, Oce, Encad, and Epson and all USA 2 inch core Inkjet Wide Plotter Paper Printing Papers. 730305U largeformat fit HP 2 inch core large format Hp sizes 20-lb roll papPlotting Wide Roll Papers or an Inkjet Plotter RollPaper in Colorer and 20-lb roll paper for HP Designjet 500 HP Designjet 600, 700,710,750 – that does include 730305U, 730225U, 730245U, 730365U, 730345U and more in our catalogue or follow to site – designers – It are those printers that stack 2 rolls or more. Oce 2 Core Roll 30″ x 300 Paper is a roll usually on with that wide plotter roll holder. More on Oce 2 Core Roll 36″ x 150 white cad plotting for the future points of America make up a dot matrix that becomes in good printed focus on plotter rolled papers.

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How could one think about plotting every day and the next.  And that is ALL we do 🙂  Follow – You will find American made paper rolls supporting our economy – since Canon purchased Oce – the horizon expands and Shoots from Canon a Winner and a Keeper.

Plotter Paper – 2″ Core 30″ X 150′

Roll Plotter CAD Papers 30 X 150′ Core 2″ works best from us American made. You will find our Rolls in top Plotter Papers printer ready 30″ Premium Coated, Uncoated US made plotting Papers produce clear, crisp images! 2 inch diameter core, Untaped,to be spun out on the best equipment calibrated professionally also the idea of demagnetizing Papers and keeps your plotting machine young,

  • 30″ x 150′ 20#LB Plotter Paper (2″ core)

no ion charges, less downtime, creating of the best plotter Papers smoothest to the heads of the Papers plotter. Bright White 20 lb opaque Inkjet Bond.

Un taped, not taped, no tape on roll, which means the papers is not taped to the core as in ole Xerox dcontinue readingays when the taped papers stopped the plotter printer). This quality paper gives you longer life of your paper plotter printer and less issue and hassle. Although we carry them, Plotter heads can cost over $900, therefore “stick with quality”.

  • Plotter Papers cad Rolls 30″X150′

For almost 2 decades our monochrome inkjet bonds are extensively tested for performance and quality. Over 20 years of tired and true. Plotter Papers Rolls recommended for Hp, Canon, Encad, and Epson and all identified 2 inch core Inkjet Wide format Printers Plotters. Brand New! FOUR rolls! 30-inch x 150-foot rolls of plotter Papers. Plotter Paper Rolls

30″ 150′ Plotter Papers

Engineered using several top rated cad software driven, Inkjet and Engineering Plotting Papers to be compatible with all wide format ink jet printers! Fits all plotters which accept 24 Inch Wide Papers with 2 inch core, including most plotters from Calcomp, Encad, Epson, Hewlett Packard (HP), JDL, Kip, Oce, Roland, Xerox, and more! (if you have a universal converter for the 3 inch core copier plotter this inkjet (2 inch core) plotter Papers roll fits GREAT.

Great for:

  • 30 x 150′ Plotting Papers
  • 4 Plotter Papers rolls in once box means you SAVE!
  • 150′ Plotter Papers rolls each and 2 per 1 box

30 x 150′ Plotter Papers are popular sizes and when protected, as we do, in transit arrive at your door fresh from the factory and ready for Plotting CAD printing on perfect size Plotter Papers rolls.

  • 30 x 150′ Plotter CAD Papers

730305U starting as low as $59.96 you will be pleased with quality and fast service in getting the product. Over 20 years of dedicated quality service with over 60 years of back up experience behind us.

Richard R.1KE865910300263025

Canon Plotter Paper, Roll and IPF Inkjet Plotter Media

One knows Canon Plotter Paper would have to be addressed RIGHT continue reading away since we cannot retrieve our link here called canon-plotter-paper-2.  Things happen, good time to take about Canon Plotter Papers Inkjet IPF and more.  The IPF Canon is an Inkjet Plotter Printer – and a darn good one also – if you see the paper size to the right in the first column of the menu, then follow through if you like. And thanks for looking over Paper for Canon Printer. Canon Rolls a 2″ Core, therefore, follow the sizes to the right for 2″ Core for Canon Paper … and more …

And a post alone –

Canon Plotter Paper, Plotting Cad Papers Roll

Plotter Paper 36″ X 300′, 20 lb – 2″ Core

Plot Roll Plotting Papers 36″, Core 2″, 300′ Rolls produce crisp images 2 inch core diameter, We explain Untaped 300′, in more detail on main page to site here. Professional Papers sheet, White Rolls 2 a carton to print.

To get 20 pound (20-lb) 36 x 300 Plotter Paper – 2″ Core you find the size first, for sure, you will find 36 inches x 300-ft plotter paper for your inkjet plotter printing paper 2 inch core size inkjet roll 36

  • 2 inch core 1KE865910300263630
  • 36 inches wide cad using paper made from inkjet bond plotter paper
  • 300 feet long

Start here understanding that our inkjet plotter paper is designed to be a bit better quality than average factory specks so it fits your wide format plotter continue readingprinter allowing best paper to be best quality paper roll after roll. It is nice to find a company formed in the US creating plotter paper for government operated printing devices now for 130 years. 36×300 inkjet bond paper brings you out a winner – best paper – keeping money in the USA – Save BIG while making a difference. Post by Plotter Paper Rolls

  • 36″ x 300′ 20#LB inkjet plotter paper
  • 36″ X 300′ CAD Plotter Paper used in Inket Wide Format Printing Plotter Media

Plotter Paper 36″ X 150′, 20 lb – 2″ Core

Plotting Papers 36″ Core 2″ produces crisp images 2 inch core diameter, We explain Untaped 150′, in more detail on main page to site here. Professional Papers sheet, White Roll 2 per box more on 36″ plotting
36 x 150 Plotter Paper is 2″ Core best described as 20lb Inkjet Bond 36×150’RL

    • 36 x 150 Inkjet Plotter Roll Paper since this every day paper fits all Inkjet Plotter Printers
    • Core Size: 2.0″ Basis
    • 36×150 plotter papers rolls


  • Wt – 20lb 75.2gsm
  • 36 x 150 plotting papers
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Caliper – 3.9 mil
  • Roll length: 150 feet each
  • Brightness – 92
  • Four (that is 4) Plotter 2″ core cad papers rolls in one case per unit ordered
  • Opacity – 91%
  • Smoothness – 150

Recommended for HP Canon Epson and Inkjet Paper Plotters you can find this American Made plotter papers plain white starting as low as $59.96 and you will be pleased with quality and fast service in getting the product.

  • 36 x 150 plotter paperHP-755CM-uses-36

With our 20 years of dedicated quality ‘plotter paper fresh from the mill’ service and over 60 years of back up experience behind us we invite you to get to know us. 730365U 36 x 150 plotter cad paper sizes on line or call us, get to know us, and order with us

  • CAD use plotter 36″ X 150′ papers 1KE865910300263615

Always a way to contact us when you need media or paper 36-in Sheet or Roll we value keeping American money in America.

4 Rolls 36 x 150 20lb Bond hp designjet plotting papers

This ability to provide a service of this magnitude is only possible in bulk pricing for Designjet as in the four plotting roll saving box of 36×150 and more we extend that to you.

Plotting Paper 24″ X 300′, 20 lb – 2″ Core

Plotting Papers 24″ Core 2″ produces crisp images 2 inch core diameter, We explain Untaped 300′, in more detail on main page to site here. Professional Papers sheet, White Roll Papers available here  – history on the roll a bit;

While engineers were perfecting the CAD software – what kind of paper where  they using as they wrote out the equations? How was it printed? The answer is that inkjet technology had already been on the screen therefore, trial and error in creating ….

CAD software was printed on Inkjet Plotter Paper. 20lbs and Bright White Paper Bond for CAD Plotting when color is not needed. That is one reason we have been SO proud of our Dietzgen monochrome inkjet bonds is the feedback from testing and from customers – they are extensively tested for performance and quality.  With all HP DesignJet, Canon, Epson and every Inkjet Plotter Printer we can catch.

At Point of Display in stores often we go heavier – just call and ask  – , Plotting the check with economy 20 lb plotter paper roll.
Core Size: 2.0″ Basis
Length: 300 ft per roll (2 rolls a box)
Wt – 20lb 75.2gsm
Caliper – 3.9 mil
Width: 24-inches CAD InkJet Paper Roll
Brightness – 92
Opacity – 91%
24×300 plotter paper
Smoothness – 150


OCE Plot Rolls

OCE Printing Paper 24 x 150, • Oce 30 x 150, • Oce plotting paper 24 on feet length and type information here & more…..

• Outside of the roll is side to be printed. • Sheets-Side opposite the label is side to be printed.
• Print in a dust and dirt free environment 60°-85° F. (10°-35° C), 30-70% R.H. • Repack opened rolls when not in use • Check and clean cartridge prior to printing. Oce Conditions and Shelf Life
• Temperature fifty five°-90° F. (20°-50° C).  Relative Humidity 30-70% • Shelf lifestyles-2 years when saved at right situations • allow media to stabilize to room conditions 24 hours earlier than use Environmental, health & protection • No fabric safety records Sheet required. • Waste is appropriate for recycling.
Main Applications
• Plot maps and books • Ideal for 3D modeling and rendering in CAD applications GIS mapping applications, for site plans. • A/E/C technical graphic full color presentations • Oce Plotter Paper Océ 862024 • Oce Plotter 24lb Product Description • Océ 862024 24 lb premium color inkjet bond paper is designed to work with most monochrome and color inkjet printing equipment. Coated with an inkjet receptive layer on one side and anti curl coating the reverse side. The inkjet coating is compatible with most wide format, thermal and piezo inkjet printers. Excellent choice when printing cad plot paper Oce, Canon, Kip, HP, Encad, Epson and more Inkjet Plotting Printers.  24″ posts publicly by Plotter Paper Rolls

PREMIUM COLOR BOND Aqueous Inkjet Media

Oce 24lb CAD Plotter Papers SPECIFICATIONS
Physical properties*
• Basis Weight – 24 lb.
• Caliper – 4.5 mil
• Brightness – 95%
• Opacity – 94%
• Whiteness – 120% min.
• Smoothness – 75
• pH – Acid Free
* Target Values
Oce 24lb Plotting Paper Features
• Water resistant
• Features an opaque, ultra white, high contrast surface
• Coated surface enhances color fidelity and minimizes feathering and bleeding that can occur with uncoated papers
• Instant dry time allows immediate handling of the drawing increasing throughput and productivity
• Very dense blacks and high contrast make plots easy to read
• Fine line resolution produces a crisp look ing plot and improves plain paper reduction.

Plotter Paper Roll Oce

24 notes by Plotter Save Plotter Paper Rolls

Océ wide format printing • CAD/inkjet plotters paper media supplies

selected available roll sizes – Rolls are not taped to core –

• OCE ITEM NUMBER, WIDTH X LENGTH QUANTITY Per Unit Order of OCE 24lb 2 inch Core
8620240017 24” x 36’ 100 Sheets
8620240027 11” x 150’ 2 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240002 18” x 150’ 2 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240003 22” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240006 24” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240007 30” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240008 34” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240010 36” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240045 42” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240047 50” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240055 54” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240048 60” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240050 24” x 150’ 4 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240051 30” x 150’ 4 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240052 36” x 150’ 4 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240038 24” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240039 30” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240041 34” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240036 36” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240046 42” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores

OCE Printer/Ink Compatibility
Océ 862024 is recommended for use in many monochrome and color printers. For best results and to learn more, call your Océ Sales Representative, or visit our website: @HPplotterPapers www. Plotter-Paper-Rolls. com

item Description Wgt. miL* Bright opacity Acid Free
86500 paper OCE Plotter Oc Paper 20 lb 4 92 89 min Acid Free
86500R paper OCE Recycled Plotter Oc Paper 20 lb 4 92 89 min Acid Free 30%
86900 paper OCE Premium Plotter Oc Paper 24 lb 4 98 96 Acid Free
860016 paper OCE Translucent Bond 16 lb 2.8 96 65 Acid Free
860018 paper OCE Translucent Bond 18 lb 3 101 69 Acid Free
861024 paper OCE Inkjet Color Bond Plotters Papers 24 lb 4 110 96 min Acid Free
862024 paper OCE Premium Plotters Papers 24 lb 4.2 101 94 Acid Free
864018 paper OCE Monochrome 17 lb 3 92 56
864020 paper Monochrome 20 lb 3.6 92 65
868632 OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 3 N/A 52
868342 OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 4 N/A 56
863DM OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 3 N/A 68
864DM OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 4 N/A 68
868632 Clear Film-Side Stripe N/A 4 N/A Optically Clear Acid Free


HP Plotter, Epson, Canon IPF, Oce Plotter, Ricoh Copier, KIP, Kodak Wide-Format Rolls Plotter Papers

Size highlight, 24 x 150′ Plotting CAD Blueprint Paper Rolls

24 X 150 24 x 150′ Plotting CAD Papers for wide-format inkjet printer, HP, Oce, Encad, Epson,Canon. Great Paper Simple Organized Find www plotter paper rolls com. PPR CAD Inkjet Engineering Bond Copier Paper Supplies, Inkjet Wide Format Plotter Printing Paper Rolls. Resent CAD Plotting !!!! ppr tweet 2 roll plotted or plotting .... days when Pen Plotter and Paper were ideal. The plot paper has not changed much. High Performance Bond Processed to hold Ink and also another Hi Bright Bond Quality.

Plotter Epson Paper R0lls

Sturdy plotter media like mylar, or thick photo media, and the inkjet media is awesome in plotter paper rolls also, chances are soon you are going to need a supplier for plotter papers, cad inkjet bond papers, at that time we are here. Inkjet 4mil Mylar, ready to ship. Vellum plotter printer roll papers thin (thinnest that are recommended for your plotter printer)

Plotter Paper CAD Blueprint, Drafting Papers Roll HP, Oce, Kip, Canon

When looking for printing CAD papers for blueprint, drawing, drafting and think www plotter paper rolls com • Canon Plotter Papers Matte Plotter Papers Coated Papers, Canon fitting Plotter Papers Scrim Banner Vinyl, Universal Bond Paper, Tyvek Banner 12mil, Heavyweight Matte Coated Canon Plotter Paper 2 inch Core and more.

Premium Bond Plotter Printer Papers

Premium Bond Plotter Printer Papers Rolls Sheets

plotter paper24 x 150  NO matter where you go see in-front of  the line the Premium, top of the line, often exclusive, high quality, most popular it means all this and more because it is Prehp wide formatmium ! There is a bond  plotting printer, copier, scanner machine that uses 24″ X 150′ Plotter Premium Paper Rolls and sheets continue reading and today most quality versions simply flip the switch and find color, deep rich involvement in the process of helping another American build a house, or put paper in the machine that prints the plans for a new US building plan. Pressing to the mark HP Designjet set new records and new releases which accepted premium plotter bond printer paper.

ZOOM it looks glossy “GREAT EXPERIENCE”premium look needs premium bond plotting paper sheet roll to get the job done first time; “PERFECT” quality of paper best price from factory/plant US manufacturer.

There is a best view in the 2inch core inkjet USA users – we don’t use European sizes – your machine needs the correct sizes used here USA made, packaged, wrapped again, and loved in a sturdy holding box, shipped to your door and desk. Your HP Designjet plotter paper request can be filled to the bond need.

The term plotter comes from the original pen plotters which found instant roll popularity in the 1990’s. Today, new technology employs ink jet spray, however, the term plotter still exists while  in reality customers are looking for rolls of ink jet media when they go shopping, surveying, or doing the engineer look for paper.

A large printing gambit of plot paper rolls and cut sheets allow sizes from A1 to A0 with rolls (24-in through 42-in). Many more wide sizes can be suitable for popular large format printers.

  • Choice in US Media Plotter Paper rolls

    Roll Engineering Bond Plotter Paper Wide Format 20 lb Bond American made, Serving Architects and …..