Paper that is RIGHT

If you are looking for the right size and to get it from those that can be accountable in a good relationship than you may have found your link to the right place.  Funny how often we get calls from nice people that have gotten the wrong paper over and over and over again from an online megga big name store that has just started selling plotter papers as a new product. This is not easy or it would have been done by Mega a LONG time ago.  There are many types of Plotting Machines in the USA.  How bout a Teledyne Rotolite big Mega Store? What goes with that printer?  We thought at one time it would be easy also, to be honest.  We highered people that would read from a printed out spreadsheet to give the customers information they needed. It was like 1st grade Obama reciting the declaration of independence. We the people from a plotted nation of states insure domestic printing, provide for the common mistakes and find the better welfare for our customers.  HA – we KNOW there is new Media out there today to find your favorite Plotting on.. We KNOW today there are types of papers that fit on ONE machine but not another.  Too many phone calls from those that have tried the BIG Mega, I GET MY 8 and 1/2 size paper there too Store. We are talking about THOUSANDS of dollars for that machine in your office. There are already lawsuits out there of nice people trying to get what they feel is honest and deserved from the big store.  You think that is going to happen?  No matter what is said …

OK – I am or we are not trying to splash water on anyone, honestly.  I just get my passion up at times. If we did not care for what we do we would get up, go to bed, get up, go to bed and never say a word.  There is a difference.  Let us show you.

30X500 Plotter Paper

hp-designjet-t790ps-24-in-eprinter-cr648a-hp-plotter30×500 Plotter Papers 20 LB 30 x 500 plotting paper is 3 inch core laser media and is an economical sulfide bond for check-plots and non-permanent applications. This all purpose paper is excellent for detailed printing and imaging. 3″ core Certified FSC, our 30″ x 500′ plotter paper products are recommende for Xerox KIP Ricoh Mutoh and many more for continue reading more info and to see the specs on this paper and all engineering plotter paper click here plotter paper for 30 x 500 size plotter paper the best deal. 30″ x 500′ (30 inch x 500 feet) paper rolls 20lb Bond Plotter Paper with 3 inch core. There are 2 rolls per unit that are boxed in sturdy cardboard to insure safe shipping and are made in the USA by American workers that care about their paper production.

There is a difference in hard work delivering true 30″ 500 xerographic, laser, and inkjet high quality printing bond that is perfect American office economical everyday printing and plotting with a bright white smooth uniform surface. Strong 20lb bond provides visual wide contrast manufactured to control curl and static charge to the roll paper.

  • 30×500 Plotter Paper 20-LB
  • Core Diameter: 3″
  • Roll Width: 30″
  • Roll Length: 500′
  • Carton Qty: 2 rolls
  • Configuration: Untaped

Technical Media 30″ x 500’ use in Xerox, Ricoh, Oce, KIP, Savin, Mutoh, Gestetner, and Lanier and all large plotter paper engineering copiers. 30 x 500 20# is brand new, factory fresh, 2 rolls of size 30″ x 500′, 20lb bond plotter paper, 3″ core, 3 inch core, for use in wide-format engineering copiers. 30″ x 500′ plotter paper, Vellum, Mylar, Oce, KIP, Canon, HP, Epson, Ricoh High quality xerographic paper which meets or exceeds all machine manufacturer specifications. 26 warehouses are located throughout the country for fast, dependable service. Your order will be shipped from a company warehouse located closest to you.  Richard R.

  • CAD drawings
  • Architect plans
  • Engineering schematics
  • Building plans