30x300 Papers on Roll

Alliance CAD plot check Papers 36″ x 300 Feet AQUEOUS Ink Jet Professional

One may find Alliance brand Plotter Ink-Jet Paper goes through a rigorous inspection. The use of high quality paper and material produces crisp and as  our papers each roll is lint free and protectively sealed for long term storage (which is important since there are some that convert paper in their garage after ordering from an Asian company and this is not PCI compliant). Here u will find vivid images that are easily readable and longer lasting. There is never any smearing or smudging of ink. Our top quality plotter papers Ink Jet Media unrolls straight and even for a quality print the first time.

30x300 Papers on Roll

CADPaperRolls 24″ 300′ 20LB PlotterPaper 730240U

Plotting CadPaper with an inkjet plotter printer Rolls 24″ wide or more. This special printer requires special sized papers loaded 730245U correctly for correct outcome.

Paper that is RIGHT

If you are looking for the right size and to get it from those that can be accountable in a good relationship than you may have found your link to the right place.  Funny how often we get calls from nice people that have gotten the wrong paper over and over and over again from an online megga big name store that has just started selling plotter papers as a new product. This is not easy or it would have been done by Mega a LONG time ago.  There are many types of Plotting Machines in the USA.  How bout a Teledyne Rotolite big Mega Store? What goes with that printer?  We thought at one time it would be easy also, to be honest.  We highered people that would read from a printed out spreadsheet to give the customers information they needed. It was like 1st grade Obama reciting the declaration of independence. We the people from a plotted nation of states insure domestic printing, provide for the common mistakes and find the better welfare for our customers.  HA – we KNOW there is new Media out there today to find your favorite Plotting on.. We KNOW today there are types of papers that fit on ONE machine but not another.  Too many phone calls from those that have tried the BIG Mega, I GET MY 8 and 1/2 size paper there too Store. We are talking about THOUSANDS of dollars for that machine in your office. There are already lawsuits out there of nice people trying to get what they feel is honest and deserved from the big store.  You think that is going to happen?  No matter what is said …

OK – I am or we are not trying to splash water on anyone, honestly.  I just get my passion up at times. If we did not care for what we do we would get up, go to bed, get up, go to bed and never say a word.  There is a difference.  Let us show you.

22 X 500′ Plotter Papers – 3 INCH Core

Plotting 22 X 500′ Plotter Papers – 3 inch Core fits PERFECT continue reading on KIP, Ricoh, Lanier, Xerox and Oce – Plotter CAD Paper Roll gives 500 feet (500′) 22″ Wide of ROCKIN smooth printing.  Look us over, find the paper Americans made that is better quality, less price than any big department chain – we offer 26 warehouses to ship from means ground shipping to you faster, sooner, paper in better condition and live people to talk to for service 22″ X 500′ Plotter CAD Papers Roll straight to YOU


OCE Plot Rolls

OCE Printing Paper 24 x 150, • Oce 30 x 150, • Oce plotting paper 24 on feet length and type information here & more…..

• Outside of the roll is side to be printed. • Sheets-Side opposite the label is side to be printed.
• Print in a dust and dirt free environment 60°-85° F. (10°-35° C), 30-70% R.H. • Repack opened rolls when not in use • Check and clean cartridge prior to printing. Oce Conditions and Shelf Life
• Temperature fifty five°-90° F. (20°-50° C).  Relative Humidity 30-70% • Shelf lifestyles-2 years when saved at right situations • allow media to stabilize to room conditions 24 hours earlier than use Environmental, health & protection • No fabric safety records Sheet required. • Waste is appropriate for recycling.
Main Applications
• Plot maps and books • Ideal for 3D modeling and rendering in CAD applications GIS mapping applications, for site plans. • A/E/C technical graphic full color presentations • Oce Plotter Paper Océ 862024 • Oce Plotter 24lb Product Description • Océ 862024 24 lb premium color inkjet bond paper is designed to work with most monochrome and color inkjet printing equipment. Coated with an inkjet receptive layer on one side and anti curl coating the reverse side. The inkjet coating is compatible with most wide format, thermal and piezo inkjet printers. Excellent choice when printing cad plot paper Oce, Canon, Kip, HP, Encad, Epson and more Inkjet Plotting Printers.  24″ posts publicly by Plotter Paper Rolls

PREMIUM COLOR BOND Aqueous Inkjet Media

Oce 24lb CAD Plotter Papers SPECIFICATIONS
Physical properties*
• Basis Weight – 24 lb.
• Caliper – 4.5 mil
• Brightness – 95%
• Opacity – 94%
• Whiteness – 120% min.
• Smoothness – 75
• pH – Acid Free
* Target Values
Oce 24lb Plotting Paper Features
• Water resistant
• Features an opaque, ultra white, high contrast surface
• Coated surface enhances color fidelity and minimizes feathering and bleeding that can occur with uncoated papers
• Instant dry time allows immediate handling of the drawing increasing throughput and productivity
• Very dense blacks and high contrast make plots easy to read
• Fine line resolution produces a crisp look ing plot and improves plain paper reduction.

Plotter Paper Roll Oce

24 notes by Plotter Save Plotter Paper Rolls

Océ wide format printing • CAD/inkjet plotters paper media supplies

selected available roll sizes – Rolls are not taped to core –

• OCE ITEM NUMBER, WIDTH X LENGTH QUANTITY Per Unit Order of OCE 24lb 2 inch Core
8620240017 24” x 36’ 100 Sheets
8620240027 11” x 150’ 2 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240002 18” x 150’ 2 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240003 22” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240006 24” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240007 30” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240008 34” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240010 36” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240045 42” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240047 50” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240055 54” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240048 60” x 150’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240050 24” x 150’ 4 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240051 30” x 150’ 4 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240052 36” x 150’ 4 Rolls 2” Cores
8620240038 24” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240039 30” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240041 34” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240036 36” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores
8620240046 42” x 300’ Oc-Roll 2” Cores

OCE Printer/Ink Compatibility
Océ 862024 is recommended for use in many monochrome and color printers. For best results and to learn more, call your Océ Sales Representative, or visit our website: @HPplotterPapers www. Plotter-Paper-Rolls. com

item Description Wgt. miL* Bright opacity Acid Free
86500 paper OCE Plotter Oc Paper 20 lb 4 92 89 min Acid Free
86500R paper OCE Recycled Plotter Oc Paper 20 lb 4 92 89 min Acid Free 30%
86900 paper OCE Premium Plotter Oc Paper 24 lb 4 98 96 Acid Free
860016 paper OCE Translucent Bond 16 lb 2.8 96 65 Acid Free
860018 paper OCE Translucent Bond 18 lb 3 101 69 Acid Free
861024 paper OCE Inkjet Color Bond Plotters Papers 24 lb 4 110 96 min Acid Free
862024 paper OCE Premium Plotters Papers 24 lb 4.2 101 94 Acid Free
864018 paper OCE Monochrome 17 lb 3 92 56
864020 paper Monochrome 20 lb 3.6 92 65
868632 OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 3 N/A 52
868342 OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 4 N/A 56
863DM OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 3 N/A 68
864DM OCE Matte Film Plotters Oc Film
N/A 4 N/A 68
868632 Clear Film-Side Stripe N/A 4 N/A Optically Clear Acid Free