Better Print Quality of HP DesignJets 1050C and 1055CM Printers

How can one improve the Print Quality of HP DesignJets 1050 C & 1055 CM Printers

Investigating Print Quality Problems with Stepped Lines Description of issue: When you take a gander at the picture you have printed there are ‘ventured graduated step lines’


stepped lines 1050 & 1050c

Keep perusing the lines to be without steps with no venturing.

Appearing here to the side is a case of what you may check whether you have issues with Stepped Lines.

Solving and how; the problem:

1) Build the dpi setting by changing the print quality to best in the front board and driver programming.

2) The issues might be innate in the picture you are attempting to print. Attempt to enhance the picture with the application that created the document.

——————————————————— Print Quality


Tackling Color Accuracy issues

These are two ranges you ought to survey while investigating a shading precision issue:

  • Design (PostScript is the clear choice here)

Watch that you are utilizing the right driver setting and CRD data for the product. Check which ink imitating mode has been chosen in the front board.

  • Media

Ensure that the media stacked is certifiable HP media and that the right media sort has been chosen on the front board and in the driver.

What about Color & its Consistency problems?

  • In the event that shading consistency is critical for the client, it is suggested that they don’t utilize HP-GL/2 to print with.
  • A few media may stain (usually a yellowing here), faid or change with age. Watch that the media is crisp and has been put away accurately.
  • In the event that the ecological conditions that the client is imprinting in change quickly, you may see changes in the shading consistency. By diminishing the time the print stays in compelling ecological conditions subsequent to being printed (particularly high dampness) you can decrease the shading consistency issues.
  • In the event that you see that there are shading changes between various printers i.e. between the 750C and this printer. It is ordinary. There will be shading contrasts between HP DesignJet printers in light of the fact that alternate printers utilize an alternate kind of ink.

Long Term Color Bleeding (Glossy Papers)

On the off chance that you see the hues are seeping into the paper i.e. the shading is splashing into the paper making the lines fluffy and dim. This will be a direct result of the mugginess conditions that the printer is working under:

  • Request that the client change the paper that they are printing with; then again
  • Relocate the printer from the high moistness conditions.

Look Media over with us and note in the event that you have less curling and jams – for our paper is QUALITY MADE by SERIOUS Americans that take value in their work – you get the Cadillac here 🙂

The link here below goes to the Papers Designed to fit the 1050c and the 1050CM




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