42 x 150 Plotter Paper – 2″ Core

42 x 150 plotter paper42 x 150 Plotter Paper – 2″ Core comes (20-lb) and (24-lb) heavier than the previous plotter cad paper rolls we have talked about and of course that is due to more paper width.  You cannot use this paper on a plotter printer continue reading that has a CAD Paper width less than 42-inches. Yes, we have heard that question before….one guy wanted to cut the roll to make one he had in his office fit on the plotter printer…. hmmmm.  Not recommended to do. This paper is designed for Wide-Format Inkjet CAD drawing, plotting.

Engineered to be compatible with all wide format ink jet printers! 42 x 150 plotter paper fits all plotters which accept 24 inch wide format paper rolls up to 42-inches with 2-inch core, including most plotters from Canon, Calcomp, Encad, Epson, Hewlett Packard (HP), JDL, Kip, Oce, Roland, Xerox, and more!

Find Inkjet bond papers, 20-lb CAD Bond 42 x 150 plotter paper rolls 42″ 150′ large format paper rolls (2 inch core) in our online store.  Made in America you can buy wide format paper rolls our company specializes in Wide Format Paper Rolls HP Wide Format universal standard wide format paper rolls sizes  

  • 42 x 150 Inkjet Plotter Paper since it fits all Inkjet Plotter Printer
    • Core Size: 2.0″ Basis
    • 42×150 plotter paper rolls
    • Wt – 20lb 75.2gsm
    • 42 x 150 plotting paper
    • Width: 42 inches
    • Caliper – 3.9 mil
    • Roll length: 150 feet each
    • Brightness – 92
    • Four (that is 4) 20-lb or 24-lb choice Plotter paper rolls in one case per unit ordered
    • Opacity – 91%
    • Smoothness – 150

Recommended for HP Canon Epson and Inkjet Paper Plotters you can find this American Made plotter paper starting as low as $71.44 and you will be pleased with quality and fast service in getting the product.
•    see our 42 x 150 plotter paper
With our 20 years of dedicated quality ‘plotter paper fresh from the mill’ service and over 60 years of back up experience behind us we invite you to get to know us.  See our 42 x 150 plotter paper sizes online store or call us, get to know us, and order now. Available Plotter Paper Rolls 888-239-8045 during business

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