Papers 20lb Plotter Paper Inkjet Plotting

Papers 20lb Plotter Paper Inkjet Plotting

When plotting 20lb papers one will find it good to know a range of white paper available for the quality plotter inkjet printer which is being used. These sizes will apply;

20lb 13″ x 19″ 20 LB Sheet, 73010C

13X19 Bright Ink Jet 20lb Paper Bond (200 Sheets per carton) gives paper plotting in black / white; there is no color needed. papers 20lb sheet plotting paper for plotter Super B / Super A3 (US size is 13 x 19 inches) monochrome inkjet bonds are extensively tested for performance and quality. Find 13X19″ Cut Sheet at a saver of 200 Sheets per carton

  • Basis Wt – 20lb 75.2gsm
  • Caliper – 3.9 mil
  • Brightness – 92

Bright 24 X 150′ Paper Plotter 20LB White Roll, 730245U

20 lb. 24 X 150′ Bright White paper roll does come in a paper saver Roll 20lb white paper plotter plotting 24-in x 150-ft of 4 rolls in one box – saves shipping cost and time.  Ink Jet Bond prints with no color needed at an economy monochrome inkjet 20lb paper. This gives HP Inkjet, Canon, Epson,  Oce performance and quality blueprints, drafting plans and more.

20lb, 24 x 300′ Paper Saver Roll White, 730240U

20lb plotter paper 24×300 Inkjet bond for cad plotting in 2 rolls(2)ablack and white although a spot of color  here and there will work well. Papers that run smooth monochrome inkjet bonds. One finds highest quality. Core Size: 2.0″ Basis Wt – 20lb 75.2gsm Caliper – 3.9 mil Brightness.

  • Width: 24-in
  • Length: 300-ft white roll
  • Type: 2″ core plotting paper roll


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