Plotting Paper 24″ X 300′, 20 lb – 2″ Core

Plotting Papers 24″ Core 2″ produces crisp images 2 inch core diameter, We explain Untaped 300′, in more detail on main page to site here. Professional Papers sheet, White Roll Papers available here  – history on the roll a bit;

While engineers were perfecting the CAD software – what kind of paper where  they using as they wrote out the equations? How was it printed? The answer is that inkjet technology had already been on the screen therefore, trial and error in creating ….

CAD software was printed on Inkjet Plotter Paper. 20lbs and Bright White Paper Bond for CAD Plotting when color is not needed. That is one reason we have been SO proud of our Dietzgen monochrome inkjet bonds is the feedback from testing and from customers – they are extensively tested for performance and quality.  With all HP DesignJet, Canon, Epson and every Inkjet Plotter Printer we can catch.

At Point of Display in stores often we go heavier – just call and ask  – , Plotting the check with economy 20 lb plotter paper roll.
Core Size: 2.0″ Basis
Length: 300 ft per roll (2 rolls a box)
Wt – 20lb 75.2gsm
Caliper – 3.9 mil
Width: 24-inches CAD InkJet Paper Roll
Brightness – 92
Opacity – 91%
24×300 plotter paper
Smoothness – 150

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